CryptoCastle Symposium 2022 - DEPOLARIZE, keep communication

CryptoCastle Symposium 2022
DEPOLARIZE, keep communication

this year the second round of the epic Symposium takes place at the CryptoCastle again. Here is our topic for 2022:

DEPOLARIZE, keep communication

Everything has changed with the Internet, which has greatly decentralised the media space. Communities tied to a physical place or nation have lost their importance, and their function has been replaced by parallel virtual communities.

People who might never have met in the past are now forming powerful digital tribes.

As in the past, tribes that did not communicate or spoke different languages used to fight or hate each other.

Conversely, communication, common language and trade maintained friendly relations between tribes.

Communication was key, providing feedback and needed explanations.

Its absence or censorship causes tribes to lose touch with each other, become radicalized and locked in their own opinion bubble.

In the 21st century, Western states believe that it is censorship that can reduce the polarization of society. Not realising the completely opposite effect. For by blocking information, it stops vital communication between tribes. Causing a further deepening of the opinion bubble. And radicalisation without feedback.

Which at best leads to collective madness, at worst to dehumanisation and war.

And then there will be no one left to say it was all a big mistake.

At a time when information exchange is at its easiest, we need to listen the most.

Keep the communication (going).

Save the Date: 2nd - 4th of September.

earlyBird Tickets soon available here:

Looking forward to see you all at the CryptoCastle

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