Bitcoin Zitadelle 2021

Dear CryptoCastle forum community!

In 2021, the CryptoCastle (formerly Castle Burgscheidungen) successfully hosted a bitcoin-oriented event titled Bitcoin Zitadelle. The event was held during the period 19th - 21th of August and delved deeper into engaging themes and topics such as:

• Bitcoin maximalism
• Mastering lightning
• Intrinsic value of BTC

The Bitcoin Zitadelle event was an immediate success with over 400 people signed up for the waiting list. The total attendance amounted to 200 lucky visitors with the event tickets being completely sold out within only 15 minutes. The attendees had the chance to listen to several contributory speakers, therein, Andreas Antonopolous.

Given the tremendous success and external interest in the Bitcoin Zitadelle held in 2021, we are pleased to share that event is also scheduled to take place in 2022. Updated information on Bitcoin Zitadelle 2022 at the CryptoCastle will be posted in the CryptoCastle forum under the Event category, as soon as possible. It is safe to say that this is one you do not want to miss out on!

//CryptoCastle Team

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