What is meant by the CryptoCastle?

Dear CryptoCastle forum community!

We would like to take a brief moment to shed light on the core features of the CryptoCastle from a real estate perspective.

The CryptoCastle refers to a majestic and long-standing German castle located between two small towns by the name of Nebra and Freyburg, located just over 60 kilometers from the grand city of Leipzig. The Castle was acquired by Æternity back in November 2020 with the overarching goal of turning the highly unique real estate property into a one-of-a-kind CryptoHub for people all over the world. The breathtaking view rising over the beautiful Castle Park and majestic Unstrut Valley is certan to leave a fond and lasting impression with all visitors.

The real estate property is built upon a beautiful hill with climbing tranche-like pathways leading up to the Castle. The total size of the land property amounts to 93.432 m² square meters. The total size of the CryptoCastle is 6.970 m², which including a cinema and a cafe.

As mentioned above, the goal behind the development of the CryptoCastle is for it to become a ground-breaking CryptoHub. To achieve this purpose it is vital that events and conferences are enables to be hosted on the premises. Parties interested in hosting proprietary events and conferences at the Castle premises are offered different types of event spaces (both indoors and outdoors) which differ in size and ambient.

Furthermore, as some parties would be interested in hosting events or conferences that last multiple consequtive days, for instance, two or three, it is highly advantagous to have accomodation available for guests. Housing accomodation is an additional service offering available for dedicated third-parties as to ensure that the CryptoCastle experience is of the highest level of satisfaction. A separare forum post will delve deeper in to the unique housing accomodation offerings that a guest can select from.

//CryptoCastle Team

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