Housing accomodation at the CryptoCastle - A closer look

Standard rooms for overnight stays

At the CryptoCastle, lovers of simplicity can conveniently opt for standard or regular rooms for overnight stays. These rooms are part of the greater renovation plan for the Castle and will be fully updated in terms of fresh decor, re-furnishising and modern room accessability (smart locks). The majority of the standard rooms are located on the second floor and facing east, which opens up an unbeatable view over the Unstrut Valley for the guest. The Castle has at its disposal a total of 15 rooms, each with a size ranging between [12 and 16] square meeters. Each rooms is equiped with the following core features:

  • Spacious single bed

  • High-speed internet (WiFi)

  • Smart locks for rooms access

  • Private bathroom

  • Writing desk

  • Windows with landscape view

  • Nightstand

  • Wardrobe with luggage space

All rooms can easily and conveniently be reserved by directly contacting the CryptoCastle team.

Castle suites for overnight stays

Attending innovative and unique events and conferences at historical Castle properties is a true rarity in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain today. Guests that seek to maximize their experience at the pioneering CryptoCastle can choose to elevate their stay by turning it into a true royal experience. This can be achieved by booking a beautiful and luxurious Castle suite for overnight stays. Similar to standard rooms, the Castle suits are as well part of the greater Castle renovation plan and will be fully updated and modernized. Currently, a Princess Suite is located at the second floor facing north, providing the house guest with a breathtaking view over the Unstrut Valley. The Princess Suite is available for reservation by directly contacting the CryptoCastle team.

What makes the Castle suites truly stand out from the standard rooms is the greater degree of spaciousnes, comfortability, and luxurious interior design. The size of each suite ranges between [17 and 22] square meters and is equiped with a larger-sized double bed. The available private bathroom will have greater amount of space and attention to details; the wardrobe will be more spacious for your private luggage and belongings. Each Castle suite will also have smart locks enabled and panel windows with majestic landscape view and be fursnished with a private mini-fridge for your enjoyment. High-speed internet (WiFi), a writing desk enabling you to work on-the-go, and nighstands are included for your comfort and convenience.

All suites at the CryptoCastle are designed as double rooms if preferable, however, it is fully possible to reserve each Castle suit for single visiting guests.

We are pleased to inform you that a render of the post-renovation interior design of the Castle suits and standard rooms will soon be posted in this forum for your viewing. Please be sure to stay tuned to forum content updates as to not miss out on relevant news.

Looking very much forward to seeing you at the Castle!

// CryptoCastle Team

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