CryptoCastle Symposium 2021

Dear CryptoCastle forum community!

In 2021, the CryptoCastle (formerly Castle Burgscheidungen) had the great privelege of hosting the first ever CryptoCastle Symposium Conference. The conference took place between the 3rd - 5th of September and adopted the guiding motto by Lawrence Ferlinghetti - “The World is a Beautiful Place”. The conference’ magnetic pull managed to draw unique crypto-anarchist from all over the world to engage in discussions, not only centered around Bitcoin, but all-encompassing ideas for the “preservation of freedoms”.

The conference line-up included names such as:

• Paul Rosenberg
• Amir Taaki
• Max Hillebrand

Conferences attendees also had the pleasant privelege of participating in the CryptoCastle’s first-ever NFT give-away in connection to the event tickets. By the end of the conference circa 50 NFTs of digital collectibles had been claimed by the participants, making it the pioneering stage for NFTs and NFT auctions at the CryptoCastle. It is safe to say that the presence of NFTs and digital collectibles at the Castle will grow dramatically over the foreseable future, a development CTIME holders and visitors can be joyful about.

As fruitful events are worth repeating and expanding, it is with great joy that we are informing you, the CryptoCastle forum members, that the CryptoCastle Symposium will also be held in 2022. Updated information on the said conference will be posted in the CryptoCastle forum under the Event category, as soon as possible. Be sure to stay tuned!

//CryptoCastle Team

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An unforgettable experience connecting with one-of-a-kind people!