CryptoCastle Mission Statement

Dear CryptoCastle feedback community!

The CryptoCastle team has been pleased to share with your essential components of the Private Sale and overall project such as the utility token model, the core features of the real estate properties, sale registrations process, club membership model and much more. We will continue posting information in order to expand your knowledge. However, what binds these components all together, netting them into a strong fabric, solid enough to stand as the foundation for the project as its whole, as well as its future development and growth, is the CryptoCastle Mission Statement. We are pleased to share with you a closer look at the core purpose and objectives behind the CryptoCastle project and hope they will ignite your genuine interest in both the upcoming Private Sale and real estate project.

The CryptoCastle project is fundamentally an overarching multifaceted regeneration endeavor to breathe new life, community, and culture into this historic castle. The ongoing, and future, developments serve to foster the growth of a new home for both the regional and international blockchain scene in the center of Germany. As such, the CryptoCastle aims to become a prominent and well-functioning hub revolving around blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, bringing together individuals from different professional backgrounds, understanding of the blockchain space, and reason behind the interest. For instance:

  • Blockchain- and crypto enthusiasts
  • From small-sized businesses to larger corporations
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGO)
  • Members of political institutions and government organizations
  • Representatives and members of educational institutions

All of the above-mentioned groups are invited and encouraged to utilize the CryptoCastle, to their unique individual purpose, to educate and empower their community of users and partners. Having that said, the empowerment can also cross these categorical lines, and be shared with members of different groups.

At the heart of the CryptoCastle and its vision, the team will also launch a special, inclusive membership club in the form of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) named ChengDAO, which is chinese for Castle. A place for ambitious, entrepreneurial, creative, and curious minds who are interested and motivated to share their knowledge, experiences and latest findings in all areas related to Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrencies, and Future Concepts. ChengDAO is thus to become a melting pot of broad range of expertise, experiences and networking, with all members standing to benefit. Collaboration is the golden key!

From a real estate point of view, the purpose involves committing to a complete regeneration of the property by transforming the historical site of Schloss Burgscheidungen, into a modern, smart-centered, and community-serving CryptoCastle. The real-life use case project for Æternity blockchain will act as a lighthouse project for the tokenization of future real estate and conversion of other projects into Smart real estate. The Castle will be offering exclusive events, membership program, artist residencies, consciousness leadership workshops and retreats including a dedicated hackers lab utilizing æternity blockchain technology.

We will showcase the latest technology at Schloss Zeit, Hackers Spaces, Mining Rigs and tokenized smart locks to transparently record community activities real time on the æternity blockchain. As such, the Castle will now actively become part of a complex cultural, technological, and artistic program.

We believe in decentralized open-source club that collaborates, participates, builds and shares, in complete transparency, autonomy and trust. Power no longer resides at the top of value chains, but rather at the center of networks and collaboration, a world of mass collaboration to build the best version of the future.

//CryptoCastle Team

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