A glimpse into the awe-inspiring CryptoCastle Park!

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We have had the pleasure to share with you a more detailed overview of the appealing real estate features pertaining to the CryptoCastle as well as the core purpose and objective behinds its development and future growth. In addition to the events and conferences that are and will take place in this emerging and highly promising European Crypto Hub, alongside the unique housing accommodation, upcoming exclusive ChengDAO club, and many more service-offerings, we are pleased to share with you a further feature of the Castle property. The feature in question is the marvelous CryptoCastle Park.

CryptoCastle Park: a centuries-old beauty

The CryptoCastle Park, with the Castle situated on its main cliff, is almost 90000 square meters in size. Its most prominent feature is certainly the breathtaking Italian terrace garden which connects the Castle with the outer sections of the CryptoCastle Park. The terrace garden, along with the grotto courtyard which is built right in the center of the garden and is inspired by the Thetis grotto of Versailles, were laid out by builder David Schatz.

The CryptoCastle’s Italian terrace garden is adorned with eleven beautiful stone sculptures, dating back to the 18th century, depicting gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures, which add a deeper historical and artistic texture to the CryptoCastle Park. The stone sculptures, which were created by sculptor Joseph Blühme from Altenburg during the period between 1726 and 1729, truly enhance the unique vividness of the Park, making it, not only a place for relaxation, but also for experiencing a one-of-a-kind museum in nature. At the end of the slope is a landscaped garden area enclosed by the Unstrut canal and a tea house which is located in the Park area.

The well-kept CryptoCastle Park, its hypnotic terrace garden, symmetrical paths, sculptures, topiaries, grotto and general artistic and historical imprint, is a sight for the eyes and experience that any visitor would be sure to remember for a long time.

The CryptoCastle Park is open for any person visiting the CryptoCastle for events or conferences, or simply seeking to enjoy the housing accommodation services at the Castle.

We hope this post has made you intrigued by the genuinely awe-inspiring garden whose amazing landscape and architectural planning can only be absorbed in its entirety by your own physical presence. Let your curiosity lead you to this very garden.

The CryptoCastle Park is calling!

// CryptoCastle Team

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